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Fit for a QueensburyThis is the first item I’ve included in my quest about which I know almost nothing. I confess I’ve no idea when precisely it was built, nor who by. I haven’t a clue as to the designer. I’m not even entirely sure what to call it. A monument? A turret? A¬†freestanding feature?

Dish of the dayIt’s not just the object itself that’s striking; it’s also where it is positioned:

Urban urbaneWhat a finely-conceived, thoughtfully-implemented bit of suburban planning.

I’m guessing the whole area was laid out around the same time as the construction of the station, which opened in December 1934.

Hopefully whoever did it received some sort of municipal honour or local corporation tie. Cleverly (but sensibly) the Underground roundel is visible from a number of approaches, including the far end of the long slice of green that stretches away from the roundabout and behind the point from which I took the above photo.

All the roads, paths, shops and houses fan out from the station – as they should. And there, right at the point where all the trajectories meet, is… is…

Lovely erection (steady now)Whatever it is, it’s a bit special.