9. The sound of a Jubilee line train

Thwunk. Hisssss. PsscchhHEEEEEE…schheeschheeschhEEEEEE…

It’s impossible to properly put into words. It’s a whirr and a hum and a whoosh and a purr rolled into one. It’s cosy and charming and not a little thrilling. And it goes like this:

  1. It’s the repeated whirr – the noise that comes twice – that I love. The descending note that repeats itself as the train stops is pretty special too.

  2. 3.1 said:

    Because the sound of the auxiliary converters on the 96TS beats the 95TS hands down. *thumbs up*

  3. chris said:

    i find it relaxing. the new central line trains sound nice as well

    • Kate Shaw said:

      The noise of a Central line leaving the station reminds me of my shower starting up.

  4. Jan said:

    The Central line trains starting up sound just like my shower!

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