39. The wall of plants at Edgware Road

The Underground goes greenThere’s the wrong sort of Green, about whom I’ve already written. But there’s also the right sort of green. Edgware Road on the Bakerloo line has them both.

Flora herdIt’s a veritable flora herd.

The wall of foliage is so dominant it completely upstages those all-too-ubiquitous ox-blood red terracotta tiles. Less impressively, it threatens to overwhelm that rather lovely TELEPHONE sign peeking out from under the main entrance.

I hope they remember to trim it enough in summer months to stop unsightly growth (stop giggling at the back). Otherwise it might end up more like Hedge-wear Road.

I’ll stop now.

Hedgeware Road

  1. I had no idea that was there! My strongest memory of Edgeware Road is it being a miserable little hole under a flyover. Perhaps I’m thinking of the H&C station.

    • They’re both in the shadow of an enormous flyover, but while the H&C station seems to cower in the shadow of the road, the Bakerloo station tries (and, to be honest, fails) to face it down.

  2. Greg Tingey said:

    This is NEW!
    Though I usually use the “other” Edgware Road ….

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