42. The ticket hall at Rayners Lane

Life in the vast LaneI’ve already praised the views within Rayners Lane. The views without are a different kind of treat:

A fresh pair of RaynersThe ticket hall resembles a ginormous cube, studded with dozens of neatly aligned rectangular windows running up each side. The building reaches to what could be described as a preposterously unnecessary height. I’m describing it as a preposterous necessity.

Not only is it stylish, trim and full of character. It also possesses Tardis-like qualities – and I mean that in the true sense of the word, family sci-fi fans.

In other words, when the ticket hall is viewed externally and then internally, it seems to exist in two different places at the same time. So much light pours in through what must number over a hundred individual window panes that, once you’ve stepped through the entrance, your surroundings seem more capacious than when you inspected them from the outside.

Relative dimensionsThe grids within grids and cascades of quadrilaterals make it feel a bit like you’ve stumbled into a multi-dimensional sheet of graph paper.

Step back outside, and you wonder again how what you experienced a few seconds ago matches what you are seeing now.

Next stop, SkaroIf only Doctor Who had a spaceship that looked like this.

  1. Karen said:

    Just wanted to say how much I like your blog!

  2. misspiggy said:

    Me too – I found it thanks to Diamond Geezer. Your lovely enthusiasm makes me homesick for London!

    • Ah yes, the great DG. Cheers for the plug, sir!

  3. Darren said:

    Another one directed by Diamond Geezer, just wanted to say I really like your blog and have just read – and admired – it from beginning to end. Have added it to my blog reader and will be a regular visitor!

  4. Just discovered this and could not tear myself away from reading it all the way from numbers 1 to 42, when I really should be getting to bed! Thanks to Russell Nash for retweeting it from DG.

  5. Cheers folks, much appreciated. Thanks for reading!

  6. kev hennessy said:

    What a marvellous way to waste an hour or so on a too hot to go out Saturday afternoon. As an exiled South Londoner it was lovely to see some of those sights I’ve left behind. Thanks to the great Diamond Geezer for yet another superb link. Looking forward to some south of the Thames gems, all the best, Kev.

    • Plenty south-of-the-river gems on their way, Kev.

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